Wednesday, February 3, 2010


i try not to pick favorites but sometimes i can't help it. I DO HAVE FAVORITES. there are just some dudes out there for whom, it seems, plaid was intended upon its creation as a Hot Fabric.


one such dude is white rabbits' alex even, who is not that photogenic SLASH not the lead singer of a band SLASH in a band with five other reasonably attractive guys SLASH spends the majority of his band's set kneeling on the floor making crazy sounds with a guitar, so few pictures exist out there to document that plaid, as a fabric (as a concept?), was made, intended, created, possibly solely for him to wear. regardless, if you have seen white rabbits live, you know that seeing his face for the few seconds when he isn't obscured behind the piano is LIKE SEEING A UNICORN - fleeting, ethereal, thoroughly magical.

i have waxed SLIGHTLY LESS POETICALLY before on the subject of mr. even and white rabbits as a whole, and i still recommend you check out their session for la blogotheque, which is practically DRIPPING with plaid.

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